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"Notes," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1980) 48(1).


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WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS. Two White-winged Scoters were taken in November 1979 at some pond in Sarpy Co. and taken to the Plattsmouth Refuge for identification.

- Ruth C. Green, 506 West 31st Avenue, Bellevue, 68005

AMERICAN WOODCOCK. Three American Woodcocks (Philohela minor) were taken as game along the Platte River on 11 October 1979. They were collected about 8:30 AM approximately 2 miles south and 2 miles west of Kearney, in Kearney Co. A specimen was examined by Dr. John C.W. Bliese, of Kearney State College, who encouraged the sending in of this report.

The writer has hunted these birds in the same general location for the past several years, and has sight records of them on 10 October 1976, 14 October 1977, and also on 16 October 1978, when two were shot.

According to the Revised Check-list of Nebraska Birds, by Wm. F. Rapp et aI, the American Woodcock has heretofore been through of as a Missouri River valley bird.

Mr. Jim Hurt, Bio-enforcement Specialist, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, who has an office at Kearney State College, has never seen these birds in this area, nor has he heard of any other hunter ever taking them here.

- Steven J. Ninegar, 3715 14th Avenue, Kearney, 68847

Roland Hoffmann, of the Game and Parks Commission's Information and Educational Division, flushed a Woodcock several times in lowland habitat along the Platte River, 3 miles south and 2 miles west of Maxwell, in the last week of October 1976. Bob Philips, the Commission realtor here, feels certain that he flushed Woodcock on two occasions this fall while hunting on the Platte River bottoms about 6 miles east of North Platte. The first sighting was in mid October and the second occurred 8 December 1979. Bob's description, along with noting a whistling sound, seems to give a great deal of reliability to his observations.