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Morris, "Editor's Comments," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1997) 65(4): 179.


Copyright 1997, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.



This issue is the last of my six-year term as Editor of The Nebraska Bird Review. It has been a challenging and stimulating experience, and I have learned much about bird lore and publishing methods. My workload was lightened considerably when Ross Silcock took on the seasonal field reports in 1994, assisted initially by Richard C. Rosche and recently by Joel G. Jorgensen. Dr. R. G. (Rusty) Cortelyou volunteered to compile the index for each volume during my term. This is a time-consuming and detailed project, and I sincerely appreciate his contribution.

I am very pleased that Dr. Bill Clemente is succeeding me as Editor. In addition to teaching ten courses in the Department of English, Peru State College, Peru, NE, he has had editorial experience reviewing books for several publishing companies, and was made numerous presentations at conferences or symposia. He has involved Grade 5 students in the Project Classroom Feeder Watch programs sponsored by the Cornell University Ornithology Laboratory. It is evident that Bill is eminently qualified to be the NBR Editor, and he is assuming the position with great enthusiasm. My best wishes go to him and those who will assist him.