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"Bird Banding Notes from Ruth Green" in Nebraska Bird Review (December 1998) 66(4).


Copyright 1998, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


On 29 April 1998, while working with school children from the Chadron Public Schools, Ruth banded a Pine Siskin at Nebraska's Chadron State Park, Dawes County. Approximately seven and a half months later, on 12 December, this same bird was recovered beneath a feeder in Springfield, Oregon. The Pine Siskin was dead, perhaps a victim of disease sweeping the siskin population on the West Coast. This particular occurrence is noteworthy for the distance traveled both west and north.

The Summer Tanager pictured below was also banded by Betty. She banded the AHY-F (After Hatching Year, Female) Summer Tanager on 10 May 1998 at the Eppley 4-H Camp in the Nebraska State Forest at Halsey. This tanager is the second one banded in Nebraska. Willetta Lueschen banded the first at Wisner on 2 May 1979.

Betty notes, in addition, that on 5 October 1998, she banded an HY-U (Hatching Year Uncertain) Winter Wren, also at the Nebraska State Forest in Halsey. This wren is the first banded in Thomas County. The banding in the grasslands is noteworthy because these wrens live in dense forest and even in migration tend to follow woodland corridors.