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Fall Field Report, August to November 1998 in Nebraska Bird Review (December 1998) 66(4).


Copyright 1998, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Larry Einemann kindly pointed out that in the Spring Report all his sightings from Pioneer's Park should have been attributed to Wilderness Park at Pioneer's Boulevard (in Lincoln). Larry noted that Pioneer's Park is a manicured Lincoln city park which is not good for birds except for in the vicinity of the embedded Chet Ager Nature Center. This was my (WRS) error; personally I have trouble even finding the Wilderness Park entrances, let alone naming them properly!

Another correction! John Sullivan pointed out that the 2 Summer Tanagers at Indian Cave SP on 10 August, 1997, were not his sighting. In fact, after searching the raw data, I can't find this report; please delete it.

A surprising number of rarities appeared this fall, notably some rare warblers for the Panhandle, including a 1st Panhandle Pine Warbler and a 1st fall state and Panhandle Prairie Warbler, as well as a 1st fall Panhandle Mourning Warbler. A 1st documented Panhandle Blue-headed Vireo and a first documented state fall Hudsonian Godwit were also found. Other outstanding sightings included a 2nd state Long-tailed Jaeger, a 2nd state fall Great Black-backed Gull, 6th-10th (I) state Little Gulls, a 4th fall (5th state) Red-naped Sapsucker, an 8th state fall Green-tailed Towhee, and a 5th state documented Dark-eyed (Gray-headed) Junco. An observant reader will note that most of these rarities were discovered and documented by the indefatigable Steve Dinsmore, who has advanced our knowledge of Panhandle birds, especially migrants, tremendously in the last 3 years or so.