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"Notes," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1981) 49(1): 11-12.


Copyright 1981, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.



WHITE-WINGED SCOTER. On 1 May 1980 I had a White-winged Scoter in the yard, at most times not more than 15 to 20 feet away from me. It was here an hour or so before the neighbor's cat caused it to fly. I take it that it was very tired or sick because it would just keep moving enough that I couldn't get any closer.

-Mrs. Don Lockwood

COOPER'S HAWK. A commotion in the top of a pine tree drew my attention. A Blue Jay was being chased by a hawk, whose wings could be heard beating against the pine boughs. When the hawk flew away, without the Jay, I could see that it was a Cooper's Hawk.

-Doris Gates

OSPREY CARRYING BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON. On 24 April 1980 I was hiking along the north Stream Trail in Fontenelle Forest. Just above tree-top level I saw what at first appeared to be a big "blob of feathers". I quickly realized that I was seeing two birds in flight, not just the expected one. It was an Osprey carrying a Black-crowned Night Heron in its feet. Apparently the load was too much for the Osprey, and since it was rapidly losing altitude was forced to release the Heron. The Heron, appearing none the worse for the experience, flew to the top of a tall cottonwood and squawked for 15 to 20 minutes. Everything I have read had led me to believe that Ospreys take only fish, so I cannot account for this strange behavior.

- Ruth Green