Nebraska Ornithologists' Union


The Eightieth Annual Meeting

Copyright 1981, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Fifty-one persons registered for the eightieth Annual Meeting, and related activities, which took place in Grand Island 15 and 16 May 1981, and on the Lemburg farm, north of Cairo, 17 May. During the Friday night get-together and slide show rain began to fall, and there was almost continuous light to moderate rain for the rest of the period, for a total of two inches or so. At the Annual Meeting, held Saturday afternoon, the following officers were elected: Dr. Stanley Longfellow, Kearney, president; Mr. C. Fred Zeillemaker, Crescent Lake NWR, vice-president; Mrs. Emma Johnson, Omaha, secretary; Mr. Wm. W. Lemburg, Cairo, treasurer; m. Neva Pruess, Lincoln, librarian; and Dr. R.G. Cortelyou, Omaha, editor. The meeting also adopted a standard form for reporting observations of rare species. Chadron was selected for the site of the 1982 meeting, and Halsey (if available) for the 1981 Fall Field Day. At the banquet Prof. Stan Dart, Kearney State College, spoke on "The Natural History of the Grand Canyon" and showed slides to illustrate his points.

The rain hampered and curtailed the birding, which Saturday was around Grand Island and Sunday was on the Lemburg farm, and also the observation of the Lemburg's operation in raising wildfowl. But everyone knew the rain was needed, and in spite of the rain a fairly good list was tallied.