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"Additional Spring Migration Report," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1981) 49(4).


Copyright 1981, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The McPherson County report, Mrs. Oona Basset, Tryon, reporter, was received too late to be included in the regular tabulation (NBR 49:38). Mrs. Bassett returned to the ranch 21 May, so that winter birds and early migrants are not included. The 54 species are: Grebe, Horned Je 14-30, Eared My 22 -S, Western Je 14; White Pelican My 24 -S, Great Blue Heron My 27 -S, Mallard Je 1 -S, Pintail Je 1 -S, Blue-winged Teal Je 24 -S, Northern Shoveler My 27 -S, Redhead Je 1, Canvasback Je 1, Ruddy Duck My 22 ·S, Swainson's Hawk My 22 ·S, Greater Prairie Chicken Je 1-S, Sharp-tailed Grouse P, Ring-necked Pheasant My 21-S, American Coot My 22S, Killdeer My 22 ·S, Long-billed Curlew My 21-S, Upland Sandpiper My 22 -S, American Avocet Je 25 -S, Wilson's Phalarope My 22 -S, Black Tern My 21-S, Mourning Dove My 21-S, Yellow billed Cuckoo My 21-S, Common Nighthawk My 29 -S; Kingbird, Eastern My 21-S, Western My 21 -S; Traill's Flycatcher My 22 -30, Horned Lark P, Barn Swallow My 21 -S, House Wren Je 2, Gray Catbird My 22·30, Brown Thrasher My 22 -S, American Robin My 22, Swainson's Thrush My 22 - 30; Warbler, Yellow My 22, Yellow-throated My 22, Connecticut My 22; Common Yellowthroat My 22, Yellow-breasted Chat My 22 - 28, American Redstart My 24 - 25, House Sparrow P, Bobolink Je 14, Western Meadowlark My 22 -S; Blackbird, Yellow-headed My 21-S, Red-winged My 21-S; Oriole, Orchard My 22 -S, Northern My 21-S; Common Grackle My 22 -S, Cardinal Je 3, Lark Bunting My 22 - Je 30; Sparrow, Lark My 28 -S, Chipping My 22 - 24.