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Harding, "The Nebraska Ornithologists' Union Executive Committee Highlights of Meeting, 28 September 1996," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1997) 65(1).


Copyright 1997, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The meeting was held at the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey during Fall Field Days.

Betty Grenon, Treasurer, indicated that Dr. and Mrs. R. G. Cortelyou gave many items to N.O.U. when they moved to Mercer Island, WA. The funds from contributions for these items will be used to establish a scholarship fund to recruit new members. The scholarship recipient will get an all-expenses-paid trip to an N.O.U. meeting. Details will be worked out later.

Neal Ratzlaff, President, said that N.O.U. has 501 C3 status and is recognized by the federal government as a nonprofit organization.

The status of the Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas Project (Wayne Mollhoff, Coordinator) was discussed. The Atlas will have about 200 pages with about 335 sketches and maps. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has agreed to do the maps, and Brett Ratcliffe has agreed to edit the atlas. Funding is being sought to pay for the printing expenses.

Mary Lou Pritchard, Librarian, reported that the N.O.U. Field Card of Nebraska Birds, printed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, is very popular, and reprinting will be needed at some time in the future. She also said that 250 books were given to the N.O.U. Library by the Cortelyous.