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Masthead from Nebraska Bird Review (September 2004) 72(3). Copyright 2004,


Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The Nebraska Bird Review is published quarterly by the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union, Inc., as its official journal and is sent to members not in arrears of dues. Annual subscription rates (on a calendar-year basis only): $15 in the United States, $18 in Canada and $30 in all other countries, payable in advance. Single copies are $4 each, postpaid, in the United States, $5 in Canada, and $8 elsewhere. Send orders for back issues to Mary Lou Pritchard, NOU Librarian, c/o University of Nebraska State Museum, W-436 Nebraska Hall, Lincoln, NE 685880514.

Menlberships in the NOU (on a calendar-year basis only): Active, $15; Sustaining, $25; Student, $10; Family Active, $20; Family Sustaining, $30; Life, $250. Send dues and subscription requests to Betty Grenon, NOU Treasurer. (see address below) Contributions to the NOU are tax deductible.

Send Manuscripts and notes on bird sightings to Janis Paseka, Editor. (see address below) Send quarterly bird rports to Ross Silcock. (see address below)