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"Notes," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1991) 59(1).


Copyright 1991, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Swainson's Hawks. On Saturday, 29 September 1990, I witnessed a mass migration of Swainson's Hawks. The weather was clear, with large cumulus clouds, approximately 75°F. At about 3:30 pm, I noticed several Swainson's traveling south over the Carpenter Ranch (20 miles north of Henry in Sioux County). For the next 45 minutes, I counted 176 Swainson's. One thermal contained 62 birds, soaring to an estimated 3800 feet (National Weather Service data on base of clouds). Once near the clouds, the birds would "peel off" and head south, with wings folded and at speeds clocked via auto at 55 mph. How long before 3:30 this was occurring was unknown. Three accipiters were also observed. It was very exciting-a first for me.

-----Stephen Kerr, Box 327, Gering, NE 69341

Holt County Sightings. As it was his first time turning in an occurrence report, Loren Blake was good enough to provide some of the first spring dates for his area in Holt County. Any of the following which were not recorded in the fall are listed in capital letters:

Pied-billed Grebe Mr 21; HORNED GREBE Mr 21; EARED GREBE Ap 20; American White Pelican Ap 29; Double-crested Cormorant Ap 4; AMERICAN BITTERN My 18; Great Blue Heron Mr 16; GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE Ap 15; Canada Goose Fe 21; Wood Duck Mr 11; Blue-winged Teal Mr 12; Mallard Fe 12; Northern Pintail Mr 4; Northern Shoveler Mr 19; Gadwall Mr 4; Killdeer Mr 4; Upland Sandpiper Ap 27; Common Snipe Ap 2; Mourning Dove Ap 12; BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO Je 20; Yellow-billed Cuckoo Je 12; Common Nighthawk My 21; Chimney Swift Ap 26; Red-headed Woodpecker Ap 30; GREAT CRESTED FL YCATO-IER My 17; Western Kingbird Ap 22; Eastern Kingbird My 2; TREE SWALLOW My 3.: Barn Swallow Ap 15; House Wren Ap 24; Marsh Wren My 27; Eastern Bluebird Mr 1 I; Gray Catbird My 17; NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD Ap 27 (only sighting of year); Brown Thrasher Ap 23; Loggerhead Shrike Ap 16; Warbling Vireo My 12; Yellow Warbler My 12; Common Yellowthroat My 5; Dickcissel Je 9; Lark Sparrow Ap 27; Grasshopper Sparrow My 17; Song Sparrow Mr 20; Swamp Sparrow My 14; Bobolink My 5; Western Meadowlark Mr 4; Yellow-headed Blackbird Ap 18; Common Grackle Mr 12; Brown-headed Cowbird Ap 17; Orchard Oriole My 12; Northern Oriole My 10.

---Loren Blake, HC 63, Box 18, Chambers, NE 68725