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"Fall 1990 Occurrence Report: Update," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1991) 59(2).


Copyright 1991, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The following provides an update of avian occurrences between July 1 and December 31, 1990. Sources used include additional reports from NOV .members; the "Southern Great Plains Region" report in American Birds, Winter 1990 and Spring 1991 issues; Iowa Bird Life field reports (for those boundaries which the states share; and two NOU Newsletters G/F/M 1991 and August 1990 [which was overlooked in March]).

This compilation of materials, as well as the main body of the occurrence report, is meant as a resource for all who wish to do scientific research on Nebraska avifauna. I invite all those keeping records in Nebraska to send reports to me (see address on front cover) for inclusion in the Spring Occurrence Report in the September NBR. Records of numbers, breeding, and commenting on regularity of occurrence are very welcome~ In the following report, which follows the same structure as the county-by-county report in the March NBR, full scholarly documentation is provided where appropriate. Any new addition to the occurrence report, whether a county visited or a species, is denoted by this symbol: <>.