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"NOU Fall Field Days Count, 1998; May NAMC Count, 1999" in Nebraska Bird Review (June 1999) 67(2).


Copyright 1999, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The NOU count during Fall Field Days, October 16 through 18, focused on areas in and around the Nebraska National Forest and includes reports from 5 counties: Forest, Blaine, Brown, Cherry, and Thomas. This year's species count, owing in part to inclement weather, registered only 92, far behind the previous year's NOU Fall Field Days record of 122 species.

The North American Migration Count (NAMC) for Pierce County is also included in this report. A total of twelve people in five parties took part in this year's count. The count registered one hour walked and 380 miles covered in 43.5 hours of driving. The dozen individuals tallied 10,301 birds and 113 species.