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Fall 1992


Wayne Anschutz, "Whooping Crane Sightings in Nebraska, Fall 1992," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1992) 60(4).


Published by Nebraska Ornithologists' Union.


Steven Anschutz, Nebraska state Supervisor at the Nebraska/Kansas Field Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service, U. S. Dept. of Interior, Grand Island, NE, has supplied Whooping Crane migration data for the fall season, 1992. Some general aspects of the migration will be given, but specific sightings will be limited to Nebraska. Further information can be obtained from Mr. Wally Jobman at the office given above, 203 West Second Street, Grand Island, NE 68801.

Based on the breeding-ground surveys during the summer of 1992, about 148 birds were expected to arrive at Aransas wildlife Refuge during the fall. A total of 135 (81 adult, 39 subadult, and 15 juvenile) had arrived by December 30, 1992, with the first arrivals on October 18. The other 13 birds, presumed dead, included 2 young, 3 nesting pairs, and 5 others. Confirmed observations of migrating Whooping Cranes were first reported on July 29 in Canada, and on October 8 in the United States; the last confirmed sighting date was November 17 in Saskatchewan, Canada. A total of 50 confirmed sightings were reported in Canada and the U. S. distributed as follows: Saskatchewan (24); North Dakota (3); South Dakota (2); Nebraska (5); Kansas (9); Oklahoma (5); and Texas (2).