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"Fall 1992 Occurrence Report (July 1-December 31)," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1993) 61(2).


Copyright 1993, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The total number of species observed in 30 counties of Nebraska during this period was 280. During the past ten years (1983-1992), the number of species for the same reporting period has ranged from 262 in 1983 to 296 in 1987, with the average at 284. Several variables can affect these numbers, including number of observers, frequency of observations, weather conditions for the period, and number of counties included. In 1991 and 1992, the reports by Richard C. Rosche have extended observations to counties in the northwest sector of Nebraska. No reports were obtained from counties in the northern half of the central part of Nebraska, or for six counties in the southeast corner of the state. Both of these areas include major river systems and wooded areas, which should provide good bird habitats.

The data for the last half of 1992 are presented in Table 1 (pages 32-83). The same bird species are listed on facing pages, and the counties are arranged in a general pattern from west to east and from north to south, starting with the northwest counties on the left sides of the pages on the left, and ending with the eastern counties on the right sides of the pages on the right. In some cases where there were two reporters for the same county, there was disagreement on the status of the species, so both opinions are listed, e.g. M (migrant) and S (summer). If documentation was not provided for species needing it according to the Records committee, the pertinent cells in Table 1 are shaded.