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"Notes on Bird Sightings in Nebraska," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1993) 61(2).


Copyright 1993, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Black-throated sparrow. Jan and Richard Johnson first saw this bird on their farm 6 miles north of Wayne (Dixon County) on January 2, 1993. It was still coming to the feeders regularly early in February. Photo by B. J. Rose.

Whooping Cranes. I have enclosed two photos of Whooping Cranes. They were discovered about five miles northeast of Creighton (Knox County) the afternoon of Easter Sunday, April 11, 1993. They were standing in a flooded area in a corn field. During the following days, they also frequented two other wet areas less than a mile from the corn field. All during their stay, the weather remained rainy with a wind from the north. When skies cleared and the wind shifted to the south on April 17, they resumed their journey.

---Loren Blake, HC 63, Box 18, Chambers, NE 68725

More Whooping Cranes. ---Norris Alfred and I observed nine Whooping Cranes on April 17, 1993, nine miles northwest of Bradshaw. The person who reported them to us said that they had been in the area for 3 days. They left shortly after we arrived, but we observed them for several minutes as they caught a thermal and circled higher and higher, then drifted off to the north until out of sight. All this time, they were calling loudly. It was so unusual to hear that a flock of nine were seen that at first I wondered if someone had misidentified them, but they really were whoopers. I'm very familiar with them after making so many trips to see them on the Aransas Game Refuge in Texas.

---Lee Morris, R.R.1, Box 14, Benedict, NE 68316