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Todd Jensen, "Nebraska Ornithologists' Union 1993 Spring Meeting, South Sioux City, Nebraska, May 14-16," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1993) 61(2).


Copyright 1993, Nebraska Orntihologists' Union. Used by permission.


Highlights of the 92nd Annual Business Meeting (condensed from notes by Todd Jensen, Secretary).

A special committee was appointed at the 1992 Annual Business Meeting to review and recommend changes in the current Articles of Incorporation, and the current and past Bylaws. These recommendations were presented by President George Brown to the 32 members present. After some debate, a motion was made by Emma Johnson, seconded by Ruth Green, that the Articles of Incorporation recommended by the committee be accepted. Motion carried. A motion was made by Clyde Johnson, seconded by Gary Purdy, that the Bylaws recommended by the committee be accepted. Motion carried.

Because of adverse weather and few papers at the Winter Paper Session at Grand Island February 26-28, 1993, it was decided by a motion to omit the Winter Meeting for 1994.

The following officers for the 1993-1994 year were elected by acclamation: President, George Brown; Vice President, Bill Huser; Secretary, Robin Harding; Treasurer, Colleen Babcock; Editor NBR, Rosalind Morris. Mary H. Pritchard had previously been appointed Librarian in place of Thomas Labedz, who had resigned.