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Harding, "Nebraska Ornithologists' Union Fall Meeting, Halsey National Forest, September 3-5, 1993; Excerpts from the Fall Meeting," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1993) 61(4).


Copyright 1993, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Excerpts from Minutes of the Fall Meeting (Robin Harding, Secretary):

Heather Whittaker reported on a Wildlife Society program called "Integrating People in Wildlife Conservation", in which she is participating. Five hundred to seven hundred wildlife biologists from all over the world will travel to Costa Rica for this program this fall [1993].

On Sunday morning, Mack Deveraux and Clark Fliege, Forest Service, presented the Master Recreation Plan for Halsey National Forest. They expressed a desire to hear NOU members' ideas and reactions to this plan.

The 1994 Annual Meeting will be held at Niobrara State Park May 2022, and the 1994 Fall Meeting will be held at Halsey National Forest on September 9-11.