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"Fall 1993 Occurrence Report (July 1-December 31)," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1994) 62(1).


Copyright 1994, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


This is the last report to be presented for a 6-month period in lengthy tables because, beginning with this issue, Ross Silcock and Richard C. Rosche will have quarterly reports in text form. Their willingness to undertake this major project is greatly appreciated. There is some overlap between the information for December in the two reports because their first quarterly report includes December 1993 through February 1994. However, any descriptive observations they included for December are not repeated in this report.

A total of 273 species plus two sightings (swan and meadowlark) not assigned to species were observed in 24 out of 93 Nebraska counties. The observations in some counties were frequent over the six-month period, but included only one or two dates in others. In order to save space, Table 1 (p. 5) lists the rare species requiring documentation; Table 2 (pp. 5-7) lists species not requiring documentation but appearing in one or two counties; and Table 3 (pp. 8-49) lists species appearing in more than two counties. The county species totals , reporters, and observers are listed on p. 50.