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Nebraska Bird Review (March 1994) 62(1).


Copyright 1994, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


After volunteering to gather data and Write a series of seasonal summaries for The Nebraska Bird Review, I was surprised that my offer was accepted and now the time has come already for the first report. I asked for comments and suggestions from contributors to the traditional six-month "spring" and "fall" Occurrence Reports and received many helpful ideas. The biggest concern was the possible loss of accessibility to data on a county-by-county basis. I do have the information entered into a database so that it can be accessed by county, and would be happy to respond to any requests for data. Dick Rosché offered to summarize data for western Nebraska, so this report is really a joint effort by Dick and me.

A comment to reporters is in order. The reports I received were excellent and voluminous. The reports could be shortened somewhat by leaving out permanent resident species, defined as those where the individuals remain year round, such as gallinaceous birds, House Sparrow, Rock Dove, and some of the woodpeckers. Perhaps each observer could (only once) come up with a list of these species and an indication of how common these permanent residents are in the area.