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Harding, "Summary of Minutes of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union 93rd Annual Business Meeting, Niobrara, NE, May 21, 1994," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1994) 62(2).


Copyright 1994, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The meeting was called to order by George Brown, President, and the Treasurer's report was presented by Colleen Babcock, Treasurer. It was announced that bird notes for The Nebraska Bird Review should be sent to Rosalind Morris, Editor, and quarterly occurrence reports to Ross silcock. The supply of NOU Field Cards of Nebraska Birds is exhausted. Motion by Gary Lingle, seconded by Eileen Paine, and passed, to print more field cards without revision and to adjust price to include sales tax. The State Revenue Department also requires an annual report of sales.

The Fall Meeting will be held September 9-11, 1994 at Halsey National Forest. Camp Calvin Crest near Fremont was suggested for the 1995 Spring Meeting, and Mark Brogie will investigate the availability of this site.

Joe Gubanyi gave a report of a tanager project and encouraged anyone interested to contact him for more information.