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Johnsgard in Nebraska Bird Review (June 1997) 65(2).


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Members of the Nebraska ornithologists' Union often do not realize that the reason a George Miksch Sutton sketch of a burrowing owl is used as the logo of our organization, and also appears on the cover of every issue of The Nebraska Bird Review, is because Dr. Sutton was a native Nebraskan. He was born in Bethany (now part of northeastern Lincoln) in 1898, and several years of his childhood were spent there before the family left the state permanently. In spite of Dr. Sutton's great influence on American ornithology and bird art, no bibliography of his writings has ever been published. In conjunction with research into a planned short book dealing with a collection of Sutton paintings in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, the following bibliography of more than 270 of Dr. Sutton's publications has been prepared. While every effort has been made to make this bibliography as complete as possible, some minor items have no doubt been missed while scanning a literature base covering the seven decades of Sutton's amazingly prolific writing career, involving both popular and technical publications. Additionally, hundreds of Dr. Sutton's illustrations appeared as frontispiece plates in journals or magazines, or were used as text illustrations in books, articles or papers written by others. Such contributions have not been included in this bibliography.