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Harding, "Nebraska Ornithologists' Union Annual Meeting 18 May 1996," from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1996) 64(3).


Copyright 1996, Nebraska Ornihtologists' Union. Used by permission.


The 1997 Annual Meeting will be held jointly with the South Dakota and Iowa Ornithologists' Unions in South Sioux City, NE 16-18 May.

Neal Ratzlaff, President, reported on several items. Funds are being sought to publish the Breeding Bird Atlas for Nebraska. The new NOU Field Cards of Nebraska Birds are ready for distribution. The Wildlife Diversity Funding Initiative is on hold because some companies are afraid of increasing their prices. NOU members were encouraged to urge Cabela's to support the Initiative. [See NBR 63 (3) 1995, p. 91 for details.]

A request was received from Fermata, Inc., which has a contract with the EPA and the University of Nebraska, to conduct a survey of nonconsumptive wildlife recreation along the Platte River from North Platte to Columbus. The study would gather data on how many people just interested in wildlife viewing come to the area, how long they stay, and how much they contribute to the local economy. The NOU Executive Committee recommended that the NOU mailing list be released to Fermata on condition that they affirm in writing that they will use the list only for this survey, that they will not give or sell it to any other organization, and that they will destroy the list after using it. The members present agreed to this approach but could let Neal Ratzlaff know by June 20 if any did not wish to have their names released to Fermata.