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"1989 (Thirty-Second) Fall Occurrence Report," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1990) 58(1).


Copyright 1990, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Two hundred ninety-one species, and the probability that the Snowy Owl on the DeSoto NWR Christmas Count would qualify as a Nebraska bird and the possibility that some of the Empidonax sp. reported were not otherwise reported, were reported from 13 "full-time" locations plus 9 "spot-check" locations, which included 27 counties. The figures for 1988 were 282 species from 14 "full-time" locations plus 14 "spot-check" locations, which included 49 counties. The figures for 1987 were 296, plus 2 possibilities, from 14 "full-time" and 4 "spot-check" locations; 1986, 293 and 1 possibility from 13 "full-time" and 4 "spot-check" locations.

The information is presented in a rough west (left) to east (right) order, with the northernmost of locations with approximately equal longitude listed first. Two dates indicate the first and last records for the period.