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Stage & Stage,"Sage Sparrow in Sioux County," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1990) 58(1).


Copyright 1990, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


On 6 August 1989, we observed a Sage Sparrow approximately one mile east of Coffee Park in Sow Belly Canyon in Sioux Co. The Sparrow flew from an area of sagebrush along the road and perched in the top of some brush about three to four meters high. The bird appeared to be an adult. Its bill was bluish-gray, breast was white with brownish streaks and a central dark spot. It had two faint pale wingbars, whitish eye-ring, a white stripe above the eye, whitish whisker stripe, grayish brown face patch, and light brown streaks on its sides. The head and nape were grayish, the back and wings were brownish, tail was slightly notched, and the crown was streaked with brownish marks. The under tail coverts appeared to have streaks. It was about the size of a Vesper Sparrow.

We observed the Sparrow for about 10 minutes, from a distance of about 15 meters. The bird did not call or sing during the observation period. The sky was sunny and viewing conditions were excellent. It was viewed using 7x35 binoculars and a 15-60 power, 60 mm zoom telescope. A photograph of the bird was not obtained.

A description of this encounter has been submitted to the Records Committee.