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"Christmas Bird Count for 1994," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1995) 63(1).


Copyright 1995, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The official count period for the 95th Audubon National society's Christmas Bird Count was December 17, 1994 through January 2, 1995. Two of the Nebraska locations conducted counts outside the official period, Grand Island on the 16 Dec. and North Platte on 7 Jan.

The numerical data are presented in Table 1 (pages 4-9) in a west (left) to east (right) and north (top) to south (bottom) order for 12 locations entirely in Nebraska, and 2 locations (DeSoto NWR and Tristate) that are not entirely in Nebraska. Unusual species underlined in the reports are marked * before the number in a particular column, and unusual numbers underlined in the reports are shown in bold. For Bald Eagles, the total number, which is given first, includes any adults and/or immatures (given in parentheses). Species with subdivisions such as for Snow Goose, Northern Flicker, and Dark-eyed Junco, are counted as a unit in getting species totals.