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Gubanyi, "List of Birds for Which the Records Committee Seeks Documentation," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1995) 63(1).


Copyright 1995, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission


The NOU Records Committee at its February 25, 1995 meeting revised the list of species for which the committee seeks documentation. This list was last published in 1988 (NBR 56:86-96). The committee seeks documentation on all species with less than regular occurrence in Nebraska, as well as any species occurring out-of-range or out-of-season. Changes in this list since 1988 include the addition of new species documented for the state, and the deletion of species upgraded to regular status. Below are, listed the species of less than regular occurrence based on the official list of state birds (a revised list will be published in a future issue of NBR).

The following kinds of documentation are accepted by the Records Committee: photographs, slides, recordings, and written, descriptions. The committee also considers specimens or photographs of specimens in the possession of organizations and/or individuals: who have been authorized to have them. In order to legally handle a specimen (roadkill, windowkill, etc.), you are required to obtain both federal and state permits.