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Brown, "Bald Eagle Count by Big Bend Audubon Chapter--Kearney, NE," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1995) 63(2).


Copyright 1995, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission


The counts were made on January 8, 1994 in two locations: the Kearney to Lexington area; and the Harlan Reservoir and Republican River areas. The temperature ranged from 12° - 46° F; wind, southwest at 3 - 15 mph; sky clear; water mostly open. Participants on the Kearney to Lexington area were George and Marian Brown, Evelyn Johnson, Wes Kellogg, Eileen Paine, Bob Talbitzer, Trenton Talbitzer, Dana Thuente, Margaret Triplett, Mark Urwiller, James Urwiller, and Garnsey Weed. participants on the Harlan Reservoir Republican River count were Carla Alexander, Bonnie Bernholtz, Robin Harding, Phoebe Keenen, and Lanny Randolph. Don and Vernell Pettijohn hosted a chili feed at their home in Axtell after the count was completed.