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Silcock, "Spring Field Report, March-May 1995," from Nebraska Bird Review (June 1995) 63(2).


Copyright 1995, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


I want to thank the contributors (I think!) for their hard work and supplying me with some 2750 records from which to distill this rather lengthy report. Everything submitted is potentially valuable; my only comment is that brief details on unusual observations such as early or late dates, etc. as well as fuller descriptions of rarities should be provided. It is noteworthy that we have almost as many reporters from the panhandle as from eastern Nebraska.

The highlights of this season were varied. In general, there were few record early dates; indeed, most arrival dates were a little later than usual. There were, however, a few extremely early arrival dates; dates this unusual should be briefly detailed (see below for information on dates).