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Silcock, "Summer Field Report, June-July 1995," from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1995) 63(3).


Copyright 1995, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


This was an interesting summer, with a few rarities, further information on species that are restricted or rare in NE in summer and a couple of additional observations, which involve a little speculation on my part.

Perhaps the best of the rarities was a Neotropic Cormorant at Valentine NWR, while the apparent presence of a Black Rail population at Crescent L NWR is intriguing. Unexpected also were 2 Pacific Loons at L. McConaughy.

Isolated populations or just plain rare summer birds in NE provided interest, with updates on Mississippi Kite at Ogallala, Red-shouldered Hawk at Fontenelle Forest, Acadian Flycatcher at Indian Cave SP, Yellow-throated Warbler at Fontenelle Forest, Louisiana Waterthrush at Indian Cave SP, Northern Cardinal at Scottsbluff, Cassin's and Brewer's Sparrows at Kilpatrick L, Henslow's Sparrow at Burchard L, and Swamp Sparrow in the Rainwater Basin.