Nebraska Ornithologists' Union


"Notes," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1982) 50(4)

Copyright 1982, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


MINDEN NOTES. On 14 May 1982 I saw six or so White Pelicans over the Platte, south of Kearney, and a Swainson's Hawk, perched on a fence post, near Minden. I saw Lapland Longspurs 25 December, and then not again until February, when they were present in large numbers. I usually saw Marsh Hawks when I got out this winter, and Rough-legged, and Redtailed Hawks, and a few Kestrels. Prairie Falcons were not much seen, however. I flushed a Sprague's Pipit and a lone male Prairie Chicken on 11 April, in northern Franklin Co. On 25 April I saw another lone Sprague's Pipit, northwest of minden, plus a few Savannah Sparrows. Red Crossbills were common feeders in town, earlier in the year.