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"1982 Christmas Count," from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1983) 51(1).


Copyright 1983, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


One hundred and one species (thirteen more than last year) were reported in the 1982 Christmas Count, and one species (the same as last year) was reported present during the count period but not recorded on the count day on any count. Eight localities reported this year, one more than last year, Kearney being the addition. Two additional races (Flickers were not shown on the tabulation) were reported; the same as last year, and one hybrid was reported this year, with none last year. The total individual count this year was 302,646 compared to 64,054. The Snow Goose count accounted for about 190,000 of the difference, and the Mallard count for almost 50,000.