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One hundred and one species (thirteen more than last year) were reported in the 1982 Christmas Count, and one species (the same as last year) was reported present during the count period but not recorded on the count day on any count. Eight localities reported this year, one more than last year, Kearney being the addition. Two additional races (Flickers were not shown on the tabulation) were reported, the same as last year, and one hybrid was reported this year, with none last year. Sixteen species were reported on all of the counts, compared to nineteen last year. The total individual count this year was 302,646, compared to 64,054. The Snow Goose count accounted for about 190,000 of the difference, and the Mallard count for almost 50,000.

The columns are arranged in an approximate west (left) to east (right) order, with the northernmost of those of about equal longitude given first. The symbol "H" is used to indicate a species present during the count week but not recorded on the count day. Figures which were underlined in the report are underlined in the tabulation, and those marked "low" are overlined.

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, 19 December, the count circle centered on the Refuge headquarters building, west to Blair and east to Missouri Valley, Iowa, including all of the Refuge, Wilson Island, Fort Calhoun; elevation 992 to 1375 feet; habitat coverage: cultivated fields 40%, woodland 40%, water areas 15%, residentaI5%, 5:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.; A.M. mostly clear, P.M. partly cloudy, 24° to 46° F.; wind east 5 to 15 mph; no snow cover; fresh water mostly frozen; wild food crop poor. Twenty-nine observers, 28 in 7 parties, 1 at feeders. Total party-hours 55.75 (21.25 on foot, 34.5 by car) plus 2 at feeders, 4 owling; total party miles 401 (25 on foot, 376 by car) plus 15 miles owling. Herman Badberg, Leola Badberg, Scott BaumfaIk, Marjorie Birkmann, Tanya Bray, Jim Conway, Charlie Frisk, Allen Grennon, Betty Grenon, Lori Hahn, Kris Hoffman, Thomas Hoffman, Jim Kovanda, Sandy Kovand, Carey Martin, Dave Menke (compiler), Brad Montgomery, Steve Moorman, Babs Padelford, Loren Padelford, Neal Ratzlaff, Lisa Shafer, Ross Silcock, Rick Sojda, Bob Starr, Eric Volden, Tom Walker, Barb Wilson, Jeff Witt. The lone Bobwhite was the lowest count for any of the 6 counts made so far, and the Mourning Dove figure was the highest for any count. Greater Scaup, Ruddy Duck, Hooded Merganser, and Red-breasted Nuthatch were recorded for the first time on a count, and Common Redpolls for the first time since the first count (1977). The Snow Geese were reported as 37,531 white form and 29,489 blue form.