Nebraska Ornithologists' Union



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"The Official List of the Birds of Nebraska," from Nebraska Bird Review (December 1988) 56(4).


Copyright 1988, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The following is a list of species of birds whose occurrence in Nebraska has been proven to the satisfaction of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union Records Committee. It includes records considered through 31 Dec. 1987. The sequence and nomenclature follow that used in the A.O.U. Checklist of North American Birds, 6th ed., 1983, and its supplements through the 36th.

The list includes 406 species; several other species are currently under review. The list also indicates how frequently each species has been acceptably reported in the past decade (1977-1987) to give some idea of current status. Frequency of occurrence is indicated by the following terms:

Regular - acceptably reported in 9-10 of the past 10 years;

Casual - acceptably reported in 4-7 of the past 10 years;

Accidental - acceptably reported in 0-2 of the past 10 years;

Extirpated - not acceptably reported in the past 50 years;

Extinct - no longer found alive anywhere in the world.