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Copyright 1983, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Data on the 1982 nesting season in Nebraska were. received from 24 observers, reporting on 106 species from 40 counties.Counties in the tabulation are listed in a west to east order, with the northernmost of approximately equal locations given first. Numbers represent Nest Record Cards; C represents Cowbird eggs found in other nests; E represents eggs observed; F represents carrying food; N represents carrying nesting material; N represents nests observed for which no Nest Record Card was submitted; and Y represents young observed.

Fifty-three species were reported on 335 North American Nest Record Cards; in addition, out-of-state nests were reported on three cards. The counties, with column numbers on the tabulation shown in parentheses, and the contributors were: Banner (3) J.J. Dinan, G_A. Wingfield; Box Butte (5) J.J. Dinan, G.A. Wingfield; Boyd (23) G.A. Wingfield; Brown (18) Mark A. Brogie, Michael J. Mossman; Buffalo (25) D.E. Carlson; Cass (38) J.J. Dinan, J.E. Ducey; Cedar (31) D.E. Carlson, J.J. Dinan; Chase (11) lola Pennington; Cherry (8) Mark A. Brogie, Len McDaniel, Michael J. Mossman, G.A. Wingfield; Custer (19) J.E. Ducey, GA. Wingfield; Dawes (4) D.E. Carlson, J.J. Dinan, GA Wingfield; Dawson (20) GA Wingfield; Dixon (32) D.E. Carlson, J.J. Dinan; Dodge (33) J.J. Dinan, J.E. Ducey; Douglas (36) T.E. Bray, R.G Cortelyou, J.J. Dinan, J.E. Ducey, Ruth Green, G.E. Johnson, B.L. Wilson; Franklin (26) G.A. Wingfield; Frontier (15) GA Wingfield; Furnas (22) GA Wingfield; Garden (7) J.J. Dinan,GA Wingfield; Gosper (21) GA Wingfield; Hall (27) Gary Lingle, Bill Schleicher; Holt (24) D.E. Carlson, GA Wingfield; Johnson (39) J .E. Ducey; Keith (9) GA Wingfield; Keya Paha (17) Mark A. Brogie, Michael J. Mossman, G.A. Wingfield; Knox (28) D.E. Carlson, J.J. Dinan; Lancaster (35) J.E. Ducey, Norma Johnson, Rosalind Morris; Lincoln (13) G.A. Wingfield; McPherson (12) Oona Bassett; Merrick (29) D.E. Carlson; Morrill (6) J.J. Dinan, R. Grier; Nemaha (40) L.J. Padelford; Perkins (10) GA Wingfield; Red Willow (16) GA Wingfield; Sarpy (37) PA Bedell, RG Cortelyou, J.E. Ducey, Ruth Green, B.K. Padelford, L.,J. Padelford; Saunders (34) J.J. Dinan, J.E. Ducey; Scotts Bluff (2) A.M. Kenitz, G.A. Wingfield; Sioux (1) T.E. Bray, D.E. Carlson, J.J. Dinan, L.J. Padelford, G.A. Wingfield; Thomas (14) D.E. Carlson; York (30) Lee Morris.

The names of Mark A. Brogie and Michael Mossman are representative of the following individuals who also contributed nest and sight records in the Niobrara Preserve (Cherry, Keya Paha, and Brown counties): Ed Brogie, Ben Brown, Steven Churchill, Mary Clausen, Roger Dunn, Sue Earnst, Franklin Egelhoff, Fred Egelhoff, Martha Egelhoff, Richard Egelhoff, Craig Freeman, Chad Hagen, Kelli Hahn, Gail Kantak, Russell Kiefer, David Kizirian, Becky Kuhre, Beryl Kuhre, Loring Kuhre, Michael O'Leary, Debbie Paulson, Marycarol Tuman, and Gordon Warrick.