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Information on sightings at the North Platte NWR in 1982 provide some additions to the species reported in the Scotts Bluff column, and some expansion of the dates, for both spring and fall reports, and some additions to the state list for the fall report. The North Platte NWR information has been included in the Scotts Bluff column for the last few years. Sherry McCoy was the reporter, and Kevin Brenner, Dan Walsworth, Jim McCole and Mike McCoy were the additional observers.

Spring 1982. The additional species reported were: Common Loon, Ap 16; American White Pelican, Ap 10-My 5; Ruddy Duck, Ap 10-Je 16; Greater Yellowlegs, Ap 16; Spotted Sandpiper, My 5-My 15; Willet, Ap 16; Tree Swallow, Ap 10; White-breasted Nuthatch, Mr 5; Eastern Meadowlark, Ap 10. The expanded dates are shown as Mo x - for an earlier date, - Mo x for a later date, and Mo x - Mo x when both are changed: Horned Grebe, Ap 10-Je 3; Eared Grebe, Ap 10-Je 30; Western Grebe Ap l0-Je 30; Double-crested Cormorant, Ap 10; Black-crowned Night Heron, My 5-Je 16; Canada Goose, W; Wood Duck -Je 30; Green winged Teal,Ap 22; Blue-winged Teal, Ap 10-; Northern Shoveler, -Je3; Gadwall, Mr 5-Ap 22; American Wigeon,My 5; Canvasback, Mr 5-Ap 22; Redhead, Mr 5-Je 3; Common Goldeneye, -Mr 20; Bufflehead, Mr 5-; American Coot, Ap 10-Je 30; Long billed Curlew, My 1-Je 3; Marbled Godwit, Ap 16; Baird's Sandpiper, My 1-; Long-billed Dowitcher, Ap 16-; Franklin's Gull, Ap 16-S; Herring Gull,Ap 22; Mourning Dove, Mr 20-; Western Kingbird, Ap 16-; American Tree Sparrow, -My 5; Claycolored Sparrow, My 1-; Dark-eyed Junco, -My 30. The total number of species reported for Scotts Bluff is increased to 153.


SANDHILL CRANE TRIP. About 30 or so went out to the blind on the Mormon Island Crane Meadows before dawn on 2 April. But not enough before dawn to allow the last of the party to see the Sandhill Cranes before they took off from their roost in the river. But all could see in the sky the huge flocks that took off from other sections of the river. Some went back to the blind before the Cranes came in to roost that night and got to see them settle in for the night. Many other birds were seen from the blind and in trips over the surrounding country, but there was no . effort to compile a list of what was seen.

BIRD BANDING RETURNS. On 28 February 19811 banded 225 Purple Finches at the home of Melba Wigg, in western Sarpy Co. One of these birds, number 950/50269, was recovered on 20 April 1981 in Yorktown, Saskatchewan, Canada. ·In May of 1982 (15 months later) number 950/50271 was recovered in Rosewater, Minnesota. I banded an American Goldfinch, number 1580/25459, in my yard on 13 December 1981. On 3 July, 1982 this bird was recovered in Oak River, Manitoba, Canada.