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Nebraska Bird Review (March 1985) 53(1).


Copyright 1985, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Ninety-nine species (seven more than last year) were reported on the 1984 Christmas Count, and two species (compared to three last year) were reported as present during the count period but not recorded on the count day on any count. The same eight localities reported in both years. Eighteen species were reported on all counts this year, compared to thirteen last year. The total individual count this year was 345,052; in 1983 it was 43,652, but in 1982 it was 302,646. Almost 74% of this year's count was due to the concentration of Red-wings in Omaha; in 1982 the high count was due to Snow Geese at DeSoto and Omaha, with Mallards also contributing significantly. The Nebraska counts are arranged in an approximate west (left) to east (right) order, with the northernmost of those of about equal longitude given first. The symbol "H" is used to indicte a species present during the count week but not recorded on the count day. Figures which were underlined in the reports are underlined in the table, and those that were marked "low" are overlined. Sightings reported as "species," such as accipiter species, are shown in the summary as nonduplicative if no birds of that group are shown on the count, and as other if others of that group are listed.