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Nebraska Bird Review (March 1986) 54(1).


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CORRECTION TO CRESCENT LAKE ITEMS. Mark J. Heisinger's name was misspelled in the Crescent Lake items in the December issue -- NBR 53, pages 53 and 80 (twice), and Kevin J. Brennan was misspelled the first time mentioned on page 72.

HERON ROOKERY. When South Sioux City pilot Gene Martin flew over an area of mature cottonwoods along the Missouri River, near Homer, Neb., on 15 June 1985 he spotted about 30 heron nests in the tree tops. This was near the Thurston Co. line. The following morning Art Huser, of Sioux City, Iowa, and I located the rookery from the ground and confirmed them to be nests of Great Blue Herons. No other species of herons were seen. In contrast to their conspicuity from the air, the nests were very difficult to locate and view from the ground, due to the intervening dense understory and canopy. A more accurate count of the nests or juveniles could not be made, but by late June several young were seen to have reached adult size.