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"Species Accounts," from Nebraska Bird Review (September 2007) 75(3).


Copyright 2007, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


Greater White-fronted Goose: Summer stragglers are rare, but one was in Clay Co 17 Jun (JGJ).

Snow Goose: About 25 stragglers or non-migrants were found; largest group was 20 at Harvard Marsh 2 Jun (PD), and westerly, where rare, was one at LM 10 Jun (SJD).

Ross's Goose: One at LM 9 Jun (SJD) was only the 3rd Jun record.

Canada Goose: Routine reports.

Trumpeter Swan: Routine reports.

Wood Duck: Routine reports.

Gadwall: Routine reports.

American Wigeon: A male at LM 9 Jun (SJD) was likely a late migrant; breeding is not known there.

Mallard: There is little information on timing of molt to eclipse in Nebraska; thus of interest was a male molting near North Platte 9 Jul (TJW).

Blue-winged Teal: Routine reports.