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Silcock, “Winter Field Report, December 2006 to February 2007,” from Nebraska Bird Review (March 2007) 75(1).


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Although temperatures varied substantially during the winter, the winter average temperature was above normal. There were noticeably more individuals of "half-hardy" species reported, possibly as a consequence. These included Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Mourning Dove, Loggerhead Shrike, Hermit Thrush, and Yellow-rumped Warbler. Otherwise, the period was unremarkable ornithologically.


Greater White-fronted Goose: Unexpectedly late were 2 at LO 28 Dec (SJD) and 5 at Desoto NWR 3 Jan (BB). First arrivals reported were in Gage and Lancaster Cos 26 Feb (WF); several hundred were between North Platte and York 27 Feb (AO).

Snow Goose: Large numbers arrived "overnight" in cen. Nebraska 20 Feb (JEt), with 2000 at Fairmont SL 20 Feb (JR) and 7000 at Harvard Marsh two days later (PD).

Ross's Goose: Arrival was at the end of Feb. A dark morph bird photographed at Harvard Marsh 26 Feb (PD) was Nebraska's 5th record (

Cackling Goose: Wintering birds are most numerous in cen. and w. Nebraska; two in Sarpy Co l Jan (L&BP) and another (probably the resident bird) there l Feb (WF), one at GPD 5 Jan (BFH), and one in Lancaster Co 28 Jan (LE) were easterly. Best count was an excellent 400 at Johnson Res 27 Dec (SJD).