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Silcock and Jorgensen, “Summer Field Report, June-July 1997,” from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1997) 65(3).


Copyright 1997 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


A couple of preliminary notes: in the accounts below we have noted for several species "Reports were routine." This means that these species, mostly common in occurrence, were indeed present and reported, but the reports did not include unusual arrival or departure dates or high counts. For this Summer Report, observers are encouraged to report high counts on their BBS routes, as well as nesting data such as egg and fledging dates. Finally, this report includes a few observations from 1996.

In general, this was a rather routine summer period. The only real rarity was, however, a good one, a 1st state record Curlew Sandpiper. other unusual reports were an easterly Pacific Loon, a flock of 42 Clark’s Nutcrackers, a lost Prairie Warbler in the Sandhills, and a reported but undocumented Scott's Oriole. Species at the edges of their ranges were Chuck-will's-widow near Kearney, Purple Martin at Bassett, and Brown Creeper in Cass Co. Significant late dates were recorded for several species: 5 shorebird species, Olive-sided Flycatcher, 5 warbler species, and Savannah Sparrow (without details) . The only significant early fall date was recorded by Buff-breasted Sandpiper.