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Clemente and Klubertanz, “A Note from the New Editors,” from Nebraska Bird Review (March 1998) 66(1).


Copyright 1998 Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. Used by permission.


Special thanks go to Dr. Rosiland Morris for her many years of service to the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union, especially for her exceptional editorship of The Nebraska Bird Review. I can only hope that the journal will continue to reflect Rosiland's attention to detail and her devotion to excellence.

As the Newsletter noted, I am an Associate Professor of English at Peru State College and an enthusiastic birder here in Nebraska—and during the summer in Ripon, Wisconsin, where my family lives; my wife is an Associate Professor of French at Ripon College. When Betty Allen notified me that NOU Board had named me Editor, I asked my good friend Tom Klubertanz to work on the journal with me. Tom has been a faculty member at Peru State since 1993 but now has accepted a new teaching position at the University of Wisconsin–Rock County starting this fall. Tom shares my enthusiasm for birds and has taught the undergraduate Ornithology course at Peru State. For this year, we will be sharing editorial responsibilities.

Tom and I plan to make no major changes in The Nebraska Bird Review. We will appreciate, however, suggestions from members concerning things you would like us to do. In future issues, we hope to include on a regular basis both art work and black-and-white photography, so please send us material for consideration. With respect to articles, we ask that you continue to bear in mind that the journal has limited financial resources, so longer articles cannot be published on a regular basis; we presently consider creating a WWW page for longer articles and other things of special interest to NOU members. If possible, please send written work on disk; the college has excellent computer resources, allowing us to work with a variety of programs on Macintosh and IBM computers. While Tom and I prefer articles on disk, we will, of course, gladly accept written and typed articles. And people interested in doing book reviews for the journal, please contact us, for we hope to include reviews on a regular basis.

Tom and I look forward to working with and serving you. Please send us your suggestions, advice, and ideas.