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The Nebraska statutes contained in this handbook reflect actions taken through the end of the 2009 regular legislative session; Nebraska Laws: Cities, Counties and Political Subdivisions.[13-303] Nebraska Budget Act.[13-501 - 13-601] Interlocal Cooperation Act.[13-801 - 13-807] Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act.[13-901 - 13-903, 13-1801] Local Government Miscellaneous Expenditure Act.[13-2202 - 13-2204] Emergency Response Systems, Employment of Full-time Fire Chief .[16-222.01 – 16-222.03] Serving Outside City Limits; Contracts.[18-1706 - 18-1710] Fire Training School.[18-1712 - 18-1714] Sinking Funds, Cities and Villages .[19-1301 - 1304] Annexation of Territory by a City or Village.[31-763 - 31-766] Multiple office holding; when allowed.[32-604] Fire Companies and Firefighters.[Chapter 35] Volunteer Fire Companies .[35-101 - 35-108] Hours of Duty Of Firefighters.[35-302] Rural and Suburban Fire Protection Districts.[35-501 - 35-536] Emergency Firefighting.[35-601 - 35-603] Clothing and Equipment.[35-801] Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments.[35-901] Death or Disability as a result of cancer.[35-1001] Fire Recognition Day.[35-1101] Mutual Assistance Finance Act.[35-1201] Volunteer Emergency Responders Recruitment and Retention Act.[35-1301 - 35-1330] Volunteer Emergency Responders Job Protection Act.[35-1401 – 35-1408] Worker’s Compensation.[48-115] Liquors.[53-186] Military Leave of Absence.[55-160 - 55-165] Exemption.[55-174] Proof of Financial Responsibility (Vehicle Liability.[60-528] Individual Liability.[71-5194] Automated External Defibrillator; Use; Conditions; Liability.[71-51,102] Property Tax Levies.[77-3442 - 77-3446] Fires;investigation by city or county authorities;reports to State Fire Marshal required [81-506] Open Burning.[81-520.01 - 81.520.02] State Administrative Department.[81-829.65] Public Meetings.[84-1401 - 84-1414] In the Line of Duty Dependant Education Benefit.[85-2304 – 2306] Telecommunications, 911 Emergency Telephone Systems.[86-435] Federal Laws: Mutual Aid.[Public Law 46, Chap 105] Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974.[Public Law 95-313]