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The second full annual inventory of Nebraska’s forests reports more than 1.5 million acres of forest land and 39 tree species. Forest land is dominated by the elm/ash/cottonwood and oak/hickory forest types, which occupy nearly half of the total forest land area. The volume of growing stock on timberland currently totals 1.1 billion cubic feet. The average annual net growth of growing stock from 2005 to 2010 is nearly 22 million cubic feet per year. This report includes additional information on forest attributes, land use change, carbon, timber products, and forest health. A DVD included in this report contains (1) descriptive information on methods, statistics, and quality assurance of data collection, (2) a glossary of terms, (3) tables that summarize quality assurance, (4) a core set of tabular estimates for a variety of forest resources, and (5) a Microsoft Access database that represents an archive of data used in this report, with tools that allow users to produce customized estimates.