Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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GovDoc: G1000 T023 -1974; LC: QL737.U5


Nebraska's appearance today is greatly changed from its territorial, prestate days; so much so that it is difficult to imagine our vast, grass-covered plains without today's cities, roads, fences, farm and ranch buildings and other contributions of progress. This "sea of grass" of yesteryear was liberally sprinkled with sunflowers, wild legumes, wild rose, buckbrush and other low-growing shrubs. Streams in central and eastern Nebraska - the Loups, Cedar, Dismal, Calamus, Blue, Nemaha, Elkhorn, Niobrara and many of their tributaries - added variety by supporting a scruby growth of wild plum and chokecherry along their banks. Timbered areas were restricted to the Missouri River region and to other stream banks in the eastern portion of the state.