Nebraska Game and Parks Commission



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2020. Threatened and Endangered Species Listing/Delisting Recommendations. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Lincoln, NE.


The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has the statutory responsibility of administering Nebraska’s Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act. One of the Commission’s duties under the Act is to determine which species are endangered or threatened in the state. According to Nebraska Revised Statute § 37-806, determinations regarding endangered and threatened species shall be made on the basis of the best scientific, commercial, and other data available to the Commission. Revisions to the list of endangered and threatened species were last completed in 2000, and since then much new information was gained regarding the abundance, distribution, and imperilment status of rare species.

A detailed process was followed in order to meet requirements under Nebraska law to add or remove a species from the state endangered and threatened lists by including notice to the public, state departments, Natural Resource Districts and Public Power Districts, and the Governor; allowing at least 60 days for comment; holding at least one public hearing on such proposed action in each commissioner district of the subject species' range; submitting data to scientists outside of the Commission; and developing an outline of potential impacts of listing new species. All proposals were sent to scientists outside and independent of the Commission for peer review. All substantive comments from peer reviews were addressed. The public and other interested parties also had the opportunity to submit comments to the Commission via e-mail, phone, or letter.

During this process, seven species were initially proposed for listing action. North American River Otter was proposed for delisting. McCown’s Longspur, Timber Rattlesnake, Sicklefin Chub, Flathead Chub, Western Silvery Minnow, and Plains Minnow were proposed for listing. To allow for the opportunity to collect additional information, refine species’ distribution maps, and work with interested parties to address items of concern, listing is not recommended for Flathead Chub, Western Silvery Minnow, and Plains Minnow at this time.