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Raising Wood Ducks, Compiled by: Richard L. Nelson, 1975. NEBRASKA GAME AND PARKS COMMISSION 2200 North 33rd Street P.O. Box 30370 Lincoln, Nebraska 68503


Numbered among Nature's most colorful creatures, wood ducks willingly accept a helping hand from man in establishing new homes. These birds adapt well to suitable habitat, and you can play an important part in bringing the wood duck to locations where they do not now nest. For groups or individuals who are willing to expend the effort necessary to undertake a wood duck restoration project anti see it to completion, it is an exceptional gift from today's generation to those of decades and centuries to come. Many areas in Nebraska provide suitable wood duck habitat, but do not have a breeding population of wood ducks. Wood ducks seldom pioneer these spots, until a hen is forced out of another area because of a lack of nesting sites. This process could take several years, if it occurs at all. Wood duck releases offer a way to establish birds in areas where habitat is adequate. Careful release-site selection, nest-box placement, and annual maintenance can mean a local breeding population. Building and installing nesting boxes can also increase the number of wood ducks in an area where a breeding population already exists.