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Gaard, G., and LaGrange, T. (Writers). Blum, R. (Ed.). 2022. Wetlandology: A Kid's Book About Wetlands. 1st ed. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Lincoln, NE.


(c) Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, 2022


What is a Wetland? You might think that any land that is wet would be a wetland, right? But if the occurrence of water was the only thing that made a wetland a wetland, then deeper parts of oceans and rivers would be considered wetlands. And we know that is not true! So, what actually makes a wetland a wetland? Wetlands are defined by three things:

1. Soil

2. Plants

3. Hydrology

Wetlands are spread throughout Nebraska, but it is useful to identify some of the larger wetland complexes in the state. Wetlands can be found everywhere! All rivers and streams have wetlands. If you look at the map, many areas of Nebraska lie outside of a wetland complex, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t wetlands in those areas. From the busy cities of Omaha and Lincoln to the quiet rural towns, wetlands can be found.