Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


Date of this Version

January 1957


Published by Nebraska Game, Forestation and Parks Commission. January 10, 1957.


Nebraska has great need to preserve and develop her wildlife and recreational resources. We have reached that paint in our history when we can no longer rely on yesterday's measures in this field. For our own social and economic good, we must now do things we have hereto considered unnecessary.

We face problems that a few years ago were unknown. The complexity and rapid growth of modern civilization, a civilization that has reached heights never before attained by man, create new and growing problems on the wildlife and recreational front. We have great need to preserve that which we have, but an even greater need to build for the future.

There is no better nor healthier recreation than outdoor sports. Hunting, fishing, water sports, picnicking and tourist travel are major outlets for America's recreational needs and one of her biggest industries. In the years ahead, Nebraska can and must play an increasingly important part in this field. Game, fish and water resources are especially important, hence we must give them special and serious consideration.