Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Published in Wildlife Management Notes (1949) 1(4), p. 15-18


Deer are on the increase in Nebraska. Reports of deer seen, of deer killed on highways, and of localized cases of damage to crops by deer have become increasingly frequent during the last ten years. Since Nebraska is not primarily a land of forests nor of great repute as a deer state, the presence of these mammals in more than rare occurrences arouses considerable interest-and creates new problems in wildlife management.

It is the purpose of these notes to answer some of the questions most commonly asked about deer in Nebraska, and to point out certain misunderstandings which have led to popular attitudes. that are not in keeping with the best interests of the land, the people, or the deer themselves. Answers to the problems of deer management in Nebraska must, however, at this time be more general than specific, tentative and progressive rather than final.