Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Baxter, W. L., and Wolfe, C. W. 1973. The ring-necked pheasant in Nebraska. Lincoln: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.


Published by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Lincoln, Nebraska, supported with funds supplied by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, under Pittman-Robertson projects W-28-R and W-38-R and by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 32 pp.


Ringneck—Its Past and Prospects: A most successful exotic, pheasant numbers are declining

Nuptial Rites and Nesting: Spring recoups winter’s losses

Summer Broods: While cocks undergo their annual moult, hens enter the brooding period; for eight weeks, hens attend chicks

Hunting the Ring-necked Pheasant

Season of Testing: Nebraska’s winters test a pheasant’s mettle, but given good cover and an adequate food supply, the ringneck is almost impervious to the elements

Methods of Management